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Friday Night's Rock Night!

Rock Legacy - 03/03/2006

My Review

Well, what can I say! Unique entertainment and first class musicianship, a top bunch of lads who clearly enjoy what they're doing. A fine show on Friday 3rd March from Rock Legacy. I could tell from the effort in the sound check that this band would deliver and what a performance they gave. They opened the first spot with AC/DC's 'Are You Ready' and straight away the room was buzzing. Judas Priest's 'Breaking the Law' and 'Green Manalishi' followed, both played with 100% confidence. A really good and somewhat original cover of Sweet's 'Fox On The Run' came next - a song I'd never heard until this gig but what will now stick in my head for a long time. Then the band played their way through a note-perfect rendition of 'You Could Be Mine', easily the highlight of the first set as it takes some doing to pull off this fine song. They ended the first set with songs from Neil Young, Kiss, Gary Moore and finally Pink Floyd's 'Comfortably Numb' - a splendid performance with great dramatics as 'Mr Christian' and Mick Rackett stunned the audience with some fabulous fret-work in the solos.

There was an atmosphere in the club during the break which only this band can give - everyone waiting eagerly for the band's second appearence. Well, it was definately worth the wait! Guitar based music always has a great edge to it when harmonies are played and Rock Legacy definately know how to use these! Thin Lizzy's 'Emerald' was a brilliant perfomance from the band, the solo sounded spot on note after note which is a difficult thing to achieve between two guitarists! More mega songs played to perfection included Saxon's 'Band Played On', Whitesnake's 'Here I Go Again' and Ozzy Osbourne's 'Crazy Train'. Another Ozzy track followed called 'Mr Crowley' - for me this was a stunning performance - a fine song which really shines when played live. Now the entertainment really kicked in... the band making full use of their wireless systems came out to really involve the crowd for the remainder of the set. They played their way through the clubland classic 'Sweet Child o' Mine' a song which for me was brought back to life after being 'killed' by so many bands i've seen before. Throughout the second set, Sheffield's own Ozzy Osbourne, who had been headbanging down the front, was joined by more for the finale of AC/DC's 'Sin City'.

A huge cheer and some of the loudest glass-banging brought the band back to the stage. For the band's encore, I was invited up to the stage to jam with them on the Beastie Boys hit 'Fight For Your Right (To Party). Something not every band are willing to do. The band's drummer 'Gezzer' took to the mic to sing whilst Joe Pastrami took his place on the drums leaving the bass to Mick. I took hold of Mick's guitar to play rhythm whilst Mr Christian kept his for lead. Together, we belted our way through the track and really got the room rockin'. Thanks for a fantastic experience guys! After I left the stage, they asked the club for any requests - almost everyone shouted out for Metallica or AC/DC... so that's what we got! Unforgettable performances of 'Enter Sandman' and 'Whole Lotta Rosie' ended the night leaving the club still on a high! Overall, a magnificent night and one which everybody there will remember... until next time the Rock Legacy boys are back to give an even more spectacular performance!

Review from the band's website

Our short notice gig at Bellhouse Road WMC went well! The night was a winter wonderland with snow falling and icy roads, but we all got there because we are Rock Legacy and we don't let people down. It was good to see Fast Eddie Cooper again and we also met Carl Wragg who writes and maintains the Bellhouse Road website. Carl even got up with us on stage to play Mick's guitar. Mick played bass, Joe played drums, Geezer sang, and Mr Christian power chorded his way through The Beastie Boys "Fight for Your Right to Party". During the break between sets the RL ladies were trying to think of titles for our forthcoming DVD! Amongst those suggested were "Snooty...where the Fox Hat?", "Live and Loud", and "To Eleven and Beyond", linking our Mk 2 T shirt design . During this time, Geezer was experimenting with lighting farts....hmmm. Torchy had the video camera poised but sadly Geezer failed to ignite any worthwhile footage. It was a great night as usual at Bellhouse and the crowd always seem to like us. We like them too. It's a great club. The warm welcome thawed the cold task of packing the van in temperatures of minus 5 centigrade! Geezer was actually steaming, he worked so hard! Geezer was also a pin up boy on the night as a number of young ladies made him pose for their phone-cams!


Photos from the night







Thanks Rock Legacy for inviting me up for 'Gotta Fight For Your Right To Party'. Great experience! (In case you didn't know, I'm the handsome one with the Marshall shirt on... lol)








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